Online Music Therapy

What We Can Do Online

Here are some examples of what can be addressed during your online sessions with your dedicated therapist:

• Music interactions to support social engagement
• Musical games for family bonding and building problem solving skills
• Song writing for self-expression
• Music and movement exercises for rehabilitation
• Guidance for primary caregivers to help integrate hands-on interventions for your loved one at home for faster results
• Purposeful playlist creation for mood support
• Active listening to familiar and preferred songs to evoke positive mood states.
• Guided relaxation to ease anxiety and stress
• Counselling to support you through life transitions

Each intervention will be assessed in the moment to ensure maximum benefit and safety for the client(s).
In the interim, these are the same high-quality, reliable music therapy services we provide in person but with the added convenience and flexibility of scheduling face-to-face meetings with your therapist no matter where you are!
Online music therapy is a great choice if you are traveling, have mobility issues or if you live outside of the Moncton area but would still like to work with one of the certified music therapists on our team.

Ask Us Questions and Schedule Sessions

1. Email us at for questions or to schedule your appointment with Dominique Piqugard, MTA, your local certified music therapist.
2. You then complete the intake form. This will be another opportunity to ask any of the questions you may have to ensure an online session is best for your needs.
3. Costs will be confirmed.
4. We will then match you with a therapist who is available and fits your needs.
5. A final confirmation will be sent via email.
6. If you are an existing client your current therapist will contact you to discuss scheduling.

Online Therapy Costs

Fees for online therapy are the same as for in-person music therapy. After you receive your invoice you can pay by internet banking, e-mail money transfer or PayPal.
If you are new to our services we will discuss our fees during your initial intake.

Computer Set-up for Online Therapy

A computer with audio/video capabilities or smart-board and internet connection is required.

The best application for online music therapy will be discussed with your therapist.

Wishing everyone the best of health,

Dominique Piqugard, MTA
Certified Music Therapist / Musicothérapeute Certifiée
Owner and supervisor / propriétaire et superviseur
UB Music-que Therapy Services – services thérapeutiques
Music with a purpose / La musique avec de l’intention
T: 1(506)233-0864