Rebecca Coghlin, MTI

Hi! My name is Rebecca Ann.
I am a music therapy intern (MTI) with UB Music-que Therapy Services under the supervision of Accredited Music Therapist, Dominique Piqugard. I graduated in May of 2018 from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Music – Comprehensive, and then moved to the Maritimes to further study Music Therapy at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where I received a Certificate of Music Therapy in May 2021.

I have experience with quite a few instruments including the cello, euphonium, ukulele, guitar, flute (Western and Dizi), various percussion, and of course voice. Although all of these instruments are important to me in my music therapy career, I consider my natural instrument to be the violin and my primary instrument, the piano. I have earned my Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Level 9 and my RCM Grade 8 in violin. Because of my strong relationship with the violin, as well as my years of experience playing, I may use it to interact and connect with my clients in music therapy sessions.

I have quite a bit of past experience working with a variety of clientele, but my constant goal is to use my music therapy training as well as my strengths and personal experiences to help my clients grow. I aim to use music to motivate, challenge and empower my clients while simultaneously cultivating a strong therapeutic relationship.
When I am not involved in musical activities, my other interests include reading, exploring the outdoors and enjoying time with family and friends. I have always enjoyed getting opportunities to work with older adults, but I prefer to interact with children and youth as well as being a part of family units providing support when needed.